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Ultra Sound

Ultra Sound has been used for cosmetic purposes since the early 1980‘s.

DermaCo Pro VX - Ultrasound Demonstration


Ultrasound has been used for cosmetic purposes since the early 1980‘s because of its therapeutic properties and great results.

Small doses of Ultrasound can promote the synthesis of protein inside the cells, help to regenerate wounded tissues and promote the synthesis of fibre cells in the body. The accelerated metabolism of the cells changes the pH level of the skin to a more alkaline condition and facilitates the absorption of any induced products.

When using the DermaCo Pro system you are offering your clients the most up to date treatment procedure available in the UK. The Ultrasound attachments vibrate at 1-3 million times per second (MHz) to create frictional heat that will penetrate through the dermal layers of the skin quickly and easily. This warming and heating action is one of the most important therapeutic factors of Ultrasound. It is a kind of internal heat that is carried away by the blood circulation and is not felt by the client.

Ultrasound helps to expand the space in which the cells exist, causing movement of cytoplasm, the rotation of mitochondria and the vibration of the cell nucleus. This in turn will stimulate and expand the cell membrane, improve blood circulation, relax muscles and aid in the breakdown of fatty deposits, reducing the appearance of cellulite. Ultrasound will also stimulate the skin tissue increasing cell regeneration, collagen production and the removal of fine lines and wrinkles.

More importantly Ultrasound will penetrate through the skin to the deepest layers, changing various cellular properties. When it comes into contact with a cell the cell membrane becomes temporarily permeable allowing specific types of nutrients to be absorbed. This procedure ensures that the active ingredient has been transported deep into the dermis and has effectively gone straight to the root of the problem so that the client receives the full benefit of the product.

Why Ultrasound?

  • Transdermal infusion of product

  • Cellular massage

  • Cell regeneration

  • Increase cell production

  • Lift, Firm and Tone

  • Rejuvenate, Refresh and Reform

  • Helps with Acne

  • Dissolves hypodermic fat

  • Softens thrombus and removes red eruption

  • Eliminates hyper pigmentation

  • Removes eye bags and dark puffy circles

  • Helps cure tumefaction of scars

  • Helps with sclerosis and rough skin

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