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Thermal Treatment (Hot & Cold Hammer)

A perfect start & end to any treatment.

Thermal Treatment (Hot & Cold Hammer)

Thermotherapy is the first procedure used in a treatment with the DermaCo Pro unit. It is a warm disc application that has many different therapeutic properties when applied to the skins surface.

The heat will increase the size of the blood vessels, increasing blood flood and allowing the active ingredient used during the ultra sound procedure to be distributed throughout the target area more effectively.

As well as increasing blood flow using a heat based treatment it will prepare the surface skin for microdermabrasion by opening up the skin pores and making it easier for the vacuum to exfoliate and cleanse the skin and aid the body to release harmful toxins. Thermotherapy can also be used to relieve pain, relax collagen tissue, decrease joint stiffness, relieve muscle spasms and reduce inflammation.

Using this warm disc application it is a great way to introduce your clients to the new DermaCo Pro system but it can also be incorporated into other treatments that you already offer to your clients. Why not use thermotherapy before you perform a massage or manual facial? The possibilities are endless.


Cold Therapy

Coldtherapy is the use of low temperatures in the aesthetic/medicaal history and is the last treatment performed using the DermaCo Pro VX system.


When the Coldtherapy attachment is applied to surface skin it will slow down the cellular metablism of the skin, slowing down this absorbtion process will allow the active ingredients used during the Ultra Sound procedure more time to work within the target area.


Many treatment procedures like thermotherapy involve opening up surface skin pores, this helps with the infusion of product and will aid the skin when relaxing toxins. As the skin is the largest organ in the body it is vulneraable to these harmful toxins, so it’s essential to close the pores after treatment to avoid any further contamination and lock mositure into the skin. This easily achieved using the Coldtherapy Treatment option.


Coldtherapy will also create a soothing effect leaving your client feeling completely refreshed, relaxed and rejuventaed. This is a great technique to be used at the end of any treatment


  • Improves Blood Circulation

  • Softens Surface Skin Tissue

  • Aids the Body in releasing Toxins Naturally through opening the pores

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