What Our Customers Say!
From Salon owners who have used the DermaCo pro vx machine "for many years!". Featured on  our home page.


“It is quickly becoming clear with the popularity of this machine at our centre, that there will soon be another purchase”

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Joanna Tremain

Follicle Hair & Beauty

I have been working the DermaCo Pro VX  machine for about 5 years now 

I absolutely love IT


I have seen such great results with this machine and for myself personally who suffers with rosacea I find they have helped so much with my skin.


I would not be without  my machine and my ladies and gents love their facials with them. They have made such a difference to our business.
They are great value for money as well.

I would recommend DermaCo to everyone.    

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Belle Beauty 

I bought my DermaCo Pro System 6-1 machine 2 months ago and have to say I am very impressed with the results it’s given my clients. I have used other machines in the past but it so nice to have a piece of equipment that can cater for so many different skin concerns in one unit. I have introduced the ultrasound especially into my body massage treatments too and the clients are impressed with the results.

I have to say that the success of this new treatment to my salon is very much due to the support of the lady whom sold it to me Julie. I felt Julie was very professional when she came to see me for my demonstration, she listened to my concerns about purchasing a new machine as I already had Electrical Modalities in my salon that were still in good working order and giving results. I didn’t feel pressured at any point and she explained and demonstrated everything in great detail until I felt satisfied to make a decision. After I made my decision the following day Julie and I booked a date for her to come along and hold an event at the salon which was fantastic as this event resulted in 7 clients booking a course which paid for over half the cost of the machine.
I want to thank Julie for her support and would recommend her highly to anybody wanting to buy this amazing piece of equipment. I know I can call on her anytime for advice if I needed to.

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Wendy Duncan


"Simply I am much busier since the introduction Of DermaCo Pro VX
and I do wish to tell everyone who is sitting on the fence to take the plunge


Four months on, the machine is almost constantly on and both my clients and I are amazed at the results from the "little box of tricks in the corner".
During the last four months i've also developed a better understanding of how to use the machine to its full capacity and as such the treatment menu has expanded greatly.


For the last two months i've been meaning to write a testimonial, with sentences on how wonderful it is forming in my head, but have only just got round to doing it, today at 6:30am simply because, I am much busier since the introduction of Dermaco VX and I do wish to have an opportunity to tell every one who is sitting on the fence to take the plunge. The additional sales it has created will be a surprise.

 This has luckily gone on to spread by word of mouth, which for me is the best testimonial for any treatment.

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Melanie Jones

Melanie's Health & Beauty
Vale Of Glamorgan

LOVE IT LOVE IT! But my clients LOVE IT more!

I've had my DermaCo machine for more than 3 years. I an honestly say I use parts of the machine daily.

What impressed me the most is you can customise each treatment to suit the individual client.

The DermaCo staff are very efficient ad aftercare service is superb!. A credit to the company.

Julie (the trainer) has been a great support. My day training was intense, but I came away feeling confident about the machine.

Highly recommend and have proved to be a valuable asset to my business.

Thank You all at DermaCo.

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Nicola Russell

Touch Beauty Therapy

"I cannot thank Dermaco enough for their wonderful machine"

I bought my Dermaco Pro System 3 months ago and it truly is the best thing I’ve ever done. My clientele has trebled and the machine has already paid for itself.  Just as importantly all of my clients have all seen a huge difference to their skin even after only their first treatment. We have achieved incredible results. Lifted, smoother and firmer skin all because of the Dermaco Pro System.

I also love how multifunctional and versatile the system is.  The Dermaco Pro System can benefit everyone.

Thank you so much Dermaco, especially Julie and Laura, for all your help and support.

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Suzy Baker

Natural Beauty 
Marsh Farm Hotel, Wooton Bassett


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I bought the DermaCo machine last June, it was a big investment, I had only had my business for 18mths. 

When I saw the results from the demonstration given by Julie I knew it would sell itself. My clients are amazed and love the results, once a client has one treatment I find they are then hooked.


It's a great machine and if you are thinking of purchasing one I would highly recommend the DermaCo Pro System as it has proved to be a valuable asset to my business.

The DermaCo staff are very polite and efficient,
Julie the trainer has been a great support.

DermaCo Testimonial - Dated July 27th, 2021

Unsolicited and Unedited

DermaCo PRO VX

“It is quickly becoming clear with the popularity of this machine at our centre, that there will soon be another purchase”


When I first started researching mechanical facelift treatment systems, I kept coming back to DermaCo.  The machine has elegant, clean-cut lines, with tools needed to be at hand during treatment within easy reach, including the control pad.

Purchasing any system was a huge step for us, as Country Practice was created twenty-two years ago with the sole aim of providing holistic therapies.  It is what we are known for, and our reputation brings clients to us from far and wide.  You can imagine, there was some trepidation.

We need not have worried.  From the outset the DermaCo team were helpful, patiently answering questions and organising a demonstration which confirmed that we had made the right choice.  Our training was thorough and although a serious business “was made fun” which always helps when getting to grips with something new.

The holistic element of our work has now been incorporated into this bio-lift system and clients enjoy the versatility we have been able to incorporate into our facial treatments.

We also use the system on other parts of the body too, with some amazing results, so all in all, we are more than delighted with our Dermaco system.

Without any hesitation whatsoever, I would recommend Dermaco, both the machine and the company.  It is quickly becoming clear with the popularity of this machine at our centre, that there will soon be another purchase.

There need be no concerns for any holistic therapist regarding purchasing a Dermaco system, as it fits seamlessly alongside holistic therapies and comfortably in a holistic environment, and best of all – clients just love it!

Jane Clark

Country Practice – Faversham – Kent. England.                             July 27th, 2021


Jane Clark
Country Practice, Faversham