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Our latest Testimonial - "My clients absolutely love what this machine has to offer......."

** I just want to thank Julie and DermaCo for their help with choosing this machine for my business. I’ve been in industry for about 12 years now and I knew my clients needed and wanted more than just injectables, to help achieve a healthier and more lifted appearance.

I rave about it to all my clients as it is super versatile. I offer Microdermabrasion & Micro-current as Stand-alone treatments but also utilise the Thermotherapy/Cold therapy and Ultrasound with other treatments such as injectables and microneedling to offer a more memorable and potent skin experience.

My clients absolutely love what this machine has to offer and how their skin improves - even after one session!

I feel this machine has given an ‘anchor’ back to my business which I hope to expand on and keep growing my client base. Thank-you again ❤️


Henrietta-Charlotte Aesthetics


November 29th 2022

IMPORTANT NOTE = This Testimonial has simply been copied and pasted and Henrietta is delighted to share her experience with everyone.

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