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DermaCo “surpassed my expectations”

DermaCo launched a new PDT in November 2019

I engaged with DermaCo in 2014 after purchasing my Dermaco Pro VX machine, this machine surpassed all my expectations and paid for itself within 9 months. The support and advice I have received has been invaluable so when I was informed about the new DermaCo PDT light machine I had no hesitations and was excited to see and learn all about it.

I purchased my PDT light machine about 5 months ago on release of this product.

I run a busy therapy business and decided that up to Christmas I would just concentrate on case studies to gain a deep understanding of the machine and extend my knowledge of the benefits of light- word got out as clients speak to each other and I was asked to include the light treatments with my existing facials and surprisingly with reflexology. I’ve been taken aback by the amount of clients who are having light therapy with reflexology, regular clients are demanding light therapy with masks and reflexology all at the same time – the time is only increased about 20 minutes and the income has doubled. These are regular clients who have reflexology every 3 – 4 weeks.

Two of my case studied had psoriasis and as a result hair loss. My first case study was the owner of a busy hairdressing salon and has lots of clients who are interested in the treatments - her psoriasis has cleared and the hair has started to grow back ( both clients are continuing to have a light therapy treatment every 4 weeks) , a client with rosacea has found a huge benefit and also a client has found the red capillaries that she had a complex about on her nose have almost disappeared along with her complex.

I am as excited about this machine as my Pro VX- they complement each other and I have learned so much from my case studies, clients and DermaCo – Many thanks

I believe this machine is on course to pay for itself in the next 2 months - thank you once again

Tracey’s Complementary Therapies