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Updated: Feb 21, 2022

DermaCo “surpassed my expectations”

DermaCo PRO VX

I engaged with DermaCo in 2014 after purchasing my Dermaco Pro VX machine, this machine surpassed all my expectations and paid for itself within 9 months. The support and advice I have received has been invaluable.

Tracey’s Complementary Therapies


I bought the DermaCo machine last June, it was a big investment, I had only had my business for 18mths. When I saw the results from the demonstration given by Julie I knew it would sell itself. My clients are amazed and love the results, once a client has one treatment I find they are then hooked. It's a great machine and if you are thinking of purchasing one I would highly recommend the DermaCo Pro System as it has proved to be a valuable asset to my business. The DermaCo staff are very polite and efficient, Julie the trainer has been a great support. DermaCo Testimonial - Dated July 27th, 2021 DermaCo PRO VX “It is quickly becoming clear with the popularity of this machine at our centre, that there will soon be another purchase” When I first started researching mechanical facelift treatment systems, I kept coming back to DermaCo. The machine has elegant, clean-cut lines, with tools needed to be at hand during treatment within easy reach, including the control pad. Purchasing any system was a huge step for us, as Country Practice was created twenty-two years ago with the sole aim of providing holistic therapies. It is what we are known for, and our reputation brings clients to us from far and wide. You can imagine, there was some trepidation. We need not have worried. From the outset the DermaCo team were helpful, patiently answering questions and organising a demonstration which confirmed that we had made the right choice. Our training was thorough and although a serious business “was made fun” which always helps when getting to grips with something new. The holistic element of our work has now been incorporated into this bio-lift system and clients enjoy the versatility we have been able to incorporate into our facial treatments. We also use the system on other parts of the body too, with some amazing results, so all in all, we are more than delighted with our Dermaco system. Without any hesitation whatsoever, I would recommend DermaCo, both the machine and the company. It is quickly becoming clear with the popularity of this machine at our centre, that there will soon be another purchase. There need be no concerns for any holistic therapist regarding purchasing a Dermaco system, as it fits seamlessly alongside holistic therapies and comfortably in a holistic environment, and best of all – clients just love it!

Jane Clark Country Practice – Faversham – Kent. England. July 27th, 2021


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